NIA Identifies 15 Perpetrators in Indian High Commission Violence Case in London

Rozana Spokesman

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Investigation Progresses as NIA Prepares to Issue Look-Out Circular; Additional Probes Into Khalistani Attacks on Indians Abroad Underway

15 Identified Perpetrators

NEW-DELHI: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has successfully identified 15 individuals involved in the case of violence at the Indian High Commission in London, according to reliable sources. The NIA had earlier released images of individuals participating in protests outside the High Commission.

This breakthrough comes approximately two months after the NIA had disseminated photographs of 45 individuals believed to be connected to the attack on the Indian embassy during a protest in London on March 19. The agency is now poised to forward the identified individuals' images to the Immigration Department to issue a look-out circular, facilitating their tracking and legal proceedings.

In addition to these developments, the NIA has also managed to pinpoint five supporters of the 'Garamkhiali' movement, who allegedly targeted the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, USA, on July 2. These individuals are reported to be residents of Britain and Canada. Indian authorities are now actively coordinating with the investigative agencies in these countries to take stringent actions against the accused.

Further intensifying their pursuit of justice, a dedicated NIA team is scheduled to embark on a visit to Canada in the coming month. This visit is a part of the broader investigation into Khalistani attacks targeting Indian nationals abroad.

Recalling the events of March 19, a group of approximately 50 individuals had launched an attack on the Indian High Commission in London during a demonstration in support of the Garamkhayali movement. The assailants attempted to breach the High Commission premises, causing injuries to officials, desecrating the Indian flag, and inflicting damage to public property.