Shooter Arrested in Karnal Firing Case; Foiled Attempt to Flee to New Zealand

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Accused Inderjit Singh continuously changed his location to evade law enforcement

Arrested Shooter

KARNAL: In a significant breakthrough, Karnal police have successfully apprehended the assailant responsible for the brazen daylight shooting that occurred on Mughal canal road in Karnal, Haryana. The accused, identified as Inderjit Singh, had meticulously tracked the court dates of the victim, Rajesh, through the e-court app. He carried out the heinous act and planned to evade the law by fleeing to New Zealand. However, law enforcement intervened in the nick of time, thwarting his escape plans.

The Police revealed that Inderjit Singh had engaged in a disagreement with Rajesh around six months ago, resulting in a deep-rooted grudge and a desire for revenge. This animosity ultimately led to the violent attack. Notably, authorities confirmed that this incident is unrelated to the Sanjay Road murder case.

Following the shooting, the accused Inderjit Singh continuously changed his location to evade law enforcement. His movements were traced to various places, including Mohali and Amritsar. However, on October 10, the police received a tip-off that Inderjit was at the banks of Yamuna canal in Mangalore, attempting to head towards village Kashipur. Acting swiftly on this intelligence, the police apprehended the accused.

Investigating officer Pradeep Kumar revealed that Inderjit Singh had a prior criminal record, having served time in jail a few years ago. During his incarceration, he befriended Rajesh, who was also an inmate. However, a dispute erupted between them approximately six months ago, leading to a physical altercation where Rajesh assaulted Inderjit's friend. This incident fueled Inderjit's intent to seek revenge and plan Rajesh's demise.

Upon arresting Inderjit Singh, the police confiscated an illegal desi pistol of 32 bore and the scooter used during the shooting. Further investigation revealed that the accused's relatives reside in Uttarakhand, where he had connections with a maternal uncle's son. It was this cousin who had facilitated the acquisition of the firearm for a sum of 45 thousand rupees. Inderjit Singh is now in police custody for a two-day remand, during which he will undergo intensive interrogation to uncover all potential links and motives associated with this crime.