Who is Dhiraj Sahu? MP who is in Limelight for Massive Cash Haul at Residence

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Income Tax Raids Unearth Rs 353 Crore at Dhiraj Sahu's Home

Who is Dhiraj Sahu

Who is Dhiraj Sahu: In a significant development, Income Tax Department raids at the residence of Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu have led to the discovery of an astounding Rs 353 crore in cash. As the investigations continue, a deeper look into the political lineage and financial profile. 

Who is Dhiraj Sahu?

Dhiraj Prasad Sahu, a distinguished politician affiliated with the Indian National Congress Party, was born on November 23, 1959. Hailing from the state of Jharkhand, he entered the political arena under the INC banner and achieved a significant milestone by being elected to the Rajya Sabha in July 2010. MP Dhiraj is the son of renowned social worker Baldeo Sahu and Shushila Devi. Notably, he is the brother of the former Member of Parliament, Shiv Prasad Sahu. Armed with a B.A. degree, Dhiraj Prasad Sahu has been an active participant in politics since 1977. His political journey includes facing imprisonment during the Jail Bharo Andolan in 1978. He was first elected to the Rajya Sabha in June 2009 and subsequently reelected in July 2010.

Dhiraj Sahu, a prominent figure in Congress, hails from a family with a longstanding association with the Congress. His father, Baldeo Sahu, made a significant contribution to India's economy by donating Rs 47 lakh and 47 kg of gold to the government post-independence. Dhiraj and four of his brothers, with substantial involvement in politics, have played pivotal roles in the Congress party's activities, particularly in Jharkhand.

Influence in Jharkhand Politics

The Sahu family's influence extends beyond politics, as they held sway over key decisions in parliamentary and legislative elections, as well as ministerial appointments. Known for their close association with Indira Gandhi, the family's ancestral home in Lohardaga is often referred to as the 'White House of Lohardaga.'

Financial Overview

Dhiraj Sahu's assets, as per his 2018 affidavit to the Election Commission of India, amount to over Rs 34 crore. With movable assets at Rs 20.4 crore and immovable assets, including agricultural land and property, at Rs 14.43 crore, Sahu also possesses a fleet of luxury cars and investments in family-owned businesses. The primary business focus of the Sahu family revolves around the liquor industry, with significant operations in Odisha.

No Criminal Record

Notably, Dheeraj Sahu holds a clean record, with no criminal charges against his name. A graduate of Marwari College, Ranchi University, Sahu has been an elected Rajya Sabha member thrice, reflecting his political career's longevity and stability.

As investigations into the unprecedented cash seizure continue, the spotlight remains on the Sahu family's political legacy and the financial intricacies that have come to light during this historic raid.

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