Rahul Gandhi Emphasizes Commitment to Work & Congress Over Marriage Considerations

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Former Congress President engages with students, addresses queries on marriage & caste census

Rahul Gandhi

NEW-DELHI: Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the Indian National Congress (INC), recently engaged in a candid conversation with female students at Jaipur's Maharani College, shedding light on his focus on work and the Congress party, leaving no room for marriage contemplation.

-- Work Over Marriage

In response to a student's question about his marital status and the apparent delay in considering marriage, Rahul Gandhi conveyed that his deep involvement in his work and commitment to the Congress party had kept him preoccupied, leaving little space for thoughts about marriage. The Former Congress National President also talked about discrimination between Men and Women in the country. 

-- Advocacy for Caste Census

During the interaction, students also questioned the politician about the ongoing debate regarding a caste census. Rahul Gandhi staunchly advocated for conducting a caste census, likening it to an 'X-ray' that would reveal the true status of Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Dalits, and tribal communities.

Rahul Gandhi explained, "The truth is that OBCs, Dalits, and Adivasis have not been included in the power structure. No one knows how many people belong to OBC, Dalit, Tribal, and General categories. If you get injured, the first thing you do is get an x-ray. The caste census is also an x-ray."

-- Skincare Routine

Responding to a question about the secret to his glowing complexion, the Congress leader revealed his minimalist skincare routine. He mentioned that he refrains from using soap and cream and instead only cleanses his face with water.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi's engagement with the students provided valuable insights into his priorities and positions on social and political issues, reinforcing his dedication to public service and advocacy for marginalized communities.