G20: 'New Delhi Leader Summit Declaration' Adopted with Member Countries Consent, Announces PM Modi

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Prime Minister Modi Grateful for Team Efforts and Support in Securing Agreement on Declaration

PM Modi

NEW-DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Saturday that the G-20, a group of leading global economies, has successfully adopted the 'New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration.' This significant development came with the unanimous consent of member countries.

Prime Minister Modi made this announcement during the second session of the G-20 summit, held at 'Bharat Mandapam' in New Delhi. He conveyed, "We have just received the good news that due to the hard work of our team and your support, an agreement has been reached on the New Delhi G-20 Leaders Summit Declaration."

PM Modi, in his role as the host of the summit, took the initiative to propose the adoption of the G-20 Declaration. Following the approval of the member countries, he officially declared that the declaration had been accepted. Expressing his gratitude, he acknowledged the concerted efforts of his ministers, Sherpas, and all officials involved in making this accomplishment possible.

In a show of appreciation, Prime Minister Modi recognized the dedication and hard work of his team that contributed to the successful agreement on the 'New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration.' This declaration is expected to outline key commitments and initiatives agreed upon by G-20 member nations, addressing various global challenges and fostering international cooperation.