MP Mahua Moitra Expelled from Lok Sabha Amid Cash-for-Query Allegations

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Parliamentarian Maintains Innocence, Cites Lack of Evidence in Unprecedented Move

Mahua Moitra Latest News

Mahua Moitra Latest News: In a surprising turn of events, Member of Parliament Mahua Moitra has been expelled from the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, following allegations of 'unethical conduct' in connection with the 'cash-for-query' case. Moitra, a prominent figure known for her vocal stance on various issues, expressed disbelief at the decision and asserted her innocence, emphasizing the absence of any concrete evidence linking her to the alleged wrongdoing.

Addressing reporters outside the parliament, Moitra stated, "There was no evidence of any cash, any gifts anywhere. The recommendation of expulsion was solely based on the complaint that I shared my login. But there is no rule whatsoever in this regard."

Cash-for-Query' Case

The 'Cash-for-query' scandal, which has recently taken center stage in Indian politics, involves allegations that certain parliamentarians received monetary incentives in exchange for raising specific questions during parliamentary sessions.

Moitra, however, challenges the accusations against her, claiming that there is a lack of substantial proof to support the decision to expel her from the Lok Sabha. The parliamentarian further highlighted the absence of any direct evidence linking her to the alleged misconduct.

The expulsion of a sitting Member of Parliament is a rare occurrence and has generated significant debate within political circles. Critics argue that such decisions should be backed by irrefutable evidence, while supporters of the move stress the need to maintain ethical standards within the parliamentary system.

As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how this unprecedented expulsion will impact the political landscape and whether Mahua Moitra will pursue legal avenues to challenge the decision.

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