Earthquake Shakes Several Indian States, Citizens Evacuate Buildings

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Vijayapura in Karnataka, Kutch in Gujarat, and Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu Experience Tremors; Magnitude 3.1 to 3.9 Recorded

Earthquake Today in India

Earthquake Today in India: In an unsettling event, various states across India experienced tremors this Friday morning, leaving residents in a state of alarm as they rushed out of their homes for safety. The National Seismology Center reported seismic activity in Vijayapura, Karnataka, Kutch, Gujarat, and Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu.

According to the National Seismology Center (NCS), the first earthquake, measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale, struck Vijayapura in Karnataka at 6:52 am. Chengalpattu in North Tamil Nadu felt tremors at 7:39 am, with a magnitude of 3.2 and a depth of 10 km from the ground. The unsettling morning continued as a 3.9 magnitude earthquake rattled Kutch district in Gujarat at 9 am.

Citizens in the affected regions reported the sudden and unexpected nature of the tremors, prompting many to evacuate buildings and gather outdoors. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation, and as of now, there are no reports of significant damage or casualties.

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