Controversy Erupts in Rajya Sabha as Congress MP Labels 'Animal' a "Disease" to Society

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Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan Criticizes Ranbir Kapoor's 'Animal' Movie in Parliament

Animal Movie News

Animal Movie News: In a heated session at the Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan expressed criticism of the recently released film 'Animal,' starring Ranbir Kapoor. The parliamentarian labeled the movie as a "disease to society," citing concerns about its portrayal of violence and misogyny. Ranjan questioned the role of the Censor Board in approving films with such content, raising a significant debate on the societal impact of cinema.

During the Zero Hour, Ranjan recounted a distressing incident involving her daughter and college friends, who walked out of the movie halfway due to the disturbing scenes. She emphasized the influence of movies on the youth, stating that certain films, including 'Kabir,' 'Pushpa,' and now 'Animal,' depict excessive violence and disrespect towards women, warranting serious concern.

The MP from Chhattisgarh highlighted the growing trend of students in Class XI and XII being influenced by anti-heroes and negative characters portrayed in movies. Ranjan pointed out a specific concern regarding the film's depiction of historical figures, such as Arjan Vaili, inappropriately associating them with a storyline centered around gang warfare.

Drawing attention to the song "Arjan Vaili" in 'Animal,' Ranjan criticized its use in the context of a gang war film, given that Vaili, the son of military commander Hari Singh Nalwa, played a significant role in history, fighting the British and saving Muslims during the 1947 partition.

The Congress MP questioned the rationale behind the Censor Board's approval of such films, asserting that they contribute negatively to society. Ranjan's remarks underscore the broader debate about the responsibility of filmmakers and regulatory bodies in shaping the content that reaches audiences, particularly when it comes to sensitive themes that could potentially impact societal values.

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