PM Modi Takes a Dig at 'India' Alliance: Nation Vows to Rid Itself of Corruption & Dynasties

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PM Modi Calls for a 'Quit India' Movement to Eradicate Corruption & Dynastic Politics from the Nation

PM Narendra Modi

NEW-DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the opposition alliance on Monday, accusing them of hindering India's progress towards becoming a developed nation. Speaking at the India Pavilion during the National Handloom Day ceremony, the Prime Minister rallied the public to join the fight against corruption and dynastic politics plaguing the country.

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi highlighted the surge in demand for indigenous products and emphasized the need to promote locally made goods during upcoming festivals. He pointed out that a "neo-middle class" is emerging in the nation, presenting vast opportunities for the textile sector to flourish.

Without naming any specific political party or leader, the Prime Minister made it clear that he was taking aim at the opposition alliance. He stated, "The country is now saying 'Quit India' to evils like corruption, dynastic politics, and the pitfalls of appeasement."

Drawing attention to the increasing popularity of khadi, Modi proudly noted its remarkable growth, with sales skyrocketing from Rs 25,000-30,000 crore before 2014 to a staggering Rs 1.30 lakh crore at present. The Prime Minister expressed his vision to elevate India's handloom, khadi, and textile industry to international prominence, aspiring to make it a global leader, akin to the renowned 'Statue of Unity' in Gujarat.

In his address, PM Modi extended an invitation to the textile and fashion industry to play an active role in propelling India into the top three economies worldwide. Encouraging expansion and innovation, he urged companies to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the burgeoning 'neo-middle class' and contribute significantly to India's economic rise.

The Prime Minister's call for a 'Quit India' movement against corruption and dynastic politics resonated strongly with the audience, with many lauding his efforts to promote indigenous products and uplift the textile sector.

The event marked National Handloom Day, commemorating the Swadeshi Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1905. The occasion showcased India's rich heritage of handloom and artisanal craftsmanship and celebrated the contributions of weavers and artisans across the country.