Who is Javeria Khanum? Pak Girl who Arrived India for her Wedding

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Cross-Border Love Triumphs: Pakistani Daughter Arrives in India for her Wedding

Who is Javeria Khanum?

Who is Javeria Khanum: In a heartwarming turn of events, Javeria Khanum, a Pakistani girl from Pakistan has arrived in India to unite with her Indian fiancé, Sameer Khan. Overcoming visa challenges, the Indian government has granted Javeria a 45-day visa for her wedding in the first week of January.

Who is Javeria Khanum?

21-year-old Javaria Khanam is the daughter of Azmat Ismail Khan, a resident of Karachi. Javeria Khanum entered India through the Attari border on Tuesday, where her future husband Sameer Khan and father-in-law Ahmed Kamal Khan Yousafzai welcomed her warmly. The couple is set to travel to Kolkata after departing from the Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport.

Javeria Khanum's journey to India was not without challenges, as the Indian government had initially denied her a visa on two occasions. Social worker and journalist Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian played a pivotal role in facilitating the visa process, offering assistance to the couple. Thanks to his efforts, Javeria secured the visa from the Indian government.

Love Story Unfolds

Sameer Khan, a Kolkata resident, expressed his joy, stating that his dream has come true after meeting Javeria. The couple, engaged since 2018, faced obstacles due to the border restrictions. Sameer recalled falling in love with Javeria at first sight when he saw her photo on his mother's phone five and a half years ago. Despite visa challenges, the couple persevered and got engaged in 2018.

On her arrival in India, Javeria Khanum shared her overwhelming joy, stating, "I have got the visa after five and a half years. There is no limit to my happiness. Can't believe I came here. The Government of India has given me a visa for 45 days. The prayer that was made was accepted." The couple plans to tie the knot in Kolkata during the first week of January.

Sameer Khan expressed his happiness, stating, "My dream has come true after meeting Khanum. I have waited five and a half years. Now the marriage will take place soon." The union of Javeria and Sameer is a testament to love transcending borders and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles.

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