Congress Criticizes Govt over referring 'President of India' as 'President of Bharat' in G20 Invite

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Alteration of the country's name indicated a shift driven by fear &animosity: Congress 

Jairam Ramesh

NEW-DELHI: The Indian National Congress raised concerns on Tuesday, accusing the government of referring to the President as 'President of Bharat' instead of 'President of India' in the invitation for the G-20 dinner. The opposition coalition, known as the 'Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (INDIA),' voiced its apprehensions, asserting that the alteration of the country's name indicated a shift driven by fear and animosity.

Jairam Ramesh, General Secretary of the Congress, expressed his views on the matter through a social media post. Taking a jibe, he wrote on 'X' (Formerly called as Twitter), "So the news is indeed true. Rashtrapati Bhawan has sent out an invite for a G20 dinner on Sept 9th in the name of 'President of Bharat' instead of the usual 'President of India'. Now, Article 1 in the Constitution can read: “Bharat, that was India, shall be a Union of States."

Notably, The G-20 summit, presided over by India, is scheduled to take place from September 9 to 10 in the national capital, with the participation of numerous world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden.

In another social media post, Ramesh asserted, "Modi can continue to distort history and divide India, that is Bharat, that is a Union of States. But we will not be deterred. After all, what is the objective of INDIA parties? It is BHARAT—Bring Harmony, Amity, Reconciliation And Trust. Judega BHARAT...Jeetega INDIA!"

Congress General Secretary K.C. Venugopal shared a post on social media, "The BJP's destructive mind can only think of how to divide people. Once again, they are creating a rift between Indians and Bharatiyas. Let's be clear - we are the same! As Article 1 says - India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. This is petty politics because they are scared of INDIA. Try what you will, Modi ji. Judega Bharat, Jeetega INDIA!"