Punjab Records 7,454 Stubble Burning Cases in October; Amritsar Tops the List

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Stubble Burning Cases in Punjab: Despite Lower Numbers, Rising Pollution Concerns as Stubble Burning Cases Surge in Punjab

Stubble Burning Cases in Punjab

Stubble Burning Cases in Punjab Latest News: Stubble burning in Punjab, a notorious contributor to air pollution, continues to be a pressing concern, with 7,454 cases reported in the state during the month of October. Although these figures represent a decrease compared to previous years, the escalating pollution levels are a matter of growing apprehension. Data from the Corporation Residue Burning Information and Management System reveals that, in the last three days alone, 5,359 cases of stubble burning have been registered.

In the statistics for October 2023, Amritsar emerges as the district with the highest incidence of stubble burning, recording 993 cases, constituting 13.32% of the total cases for the month. Following closely, Sangrur ranks second with 957 cases, while Tarn Taran holds the third position with 928 cases.

In addition to the top three districts, Firozpur reported 784 cases of stubble burning, and Patiala recorded 726 cases. However, several other areas in Punjab reported fewer than 500 incidents.

October witnessed a 50% reduction in stubble burning cases compared to previous years. Nevertheless, concerns have been reignited due to a sudden increase in cases in the past three days, with 1,551 incidents reported on a single day.

So far in this season, a total of 12,813 cases of stubble burning have been reported. Over the past three days, Punjab witnessed 5,359 cases, constituting a significant portion, approximately 70%, of the total cases for the entire month of October.

The surge in stubble burning incidents underscores the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in mitigating air pollution, highlighting the urgency of implementing effective strategies to combat this environmental issue.

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