Defense Minister Rajnath Singh Asserts India's Resolve to Counter Nefarious Acts Beyond Borders

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Rajnath Singh in Madhya Pradesh News: In a Campaign Rally, Rajnath Singh Reiterates India's Strength and Global Standing

Rajnath Singh in Madhya Pradesh Latest News

Rajnath Singh in Madhya Pradesh Latest News: India's Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh, made a resounding statement during a campaign rally in Madhya Pradesh, declaring the nation's capability to combat nefarious activities that may extend beyond its borders. The Defense Minister's remarks were delivered as he addressed a gathering while campaigning for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Lal Singh Arya in Khaneta village under the Gohad Vidhan Sabha seat of Bhind district.

Rajnath Singh underscored the transformation in India's global reputation over the years, stating, "India's pride is growing in the whole world. During the Congress rule, people abroad used to say that India is a weak country. The world did not take our words very seriously. But now the situation has changed, and if India says something on the international stage, the world listens with open ears."

The Defense Minister went on to highlight India's newfound strength and the world's acknowledgment of it. He stated, "India is no longer a weak country. No power in the world can dare to threaten India." Rajnath Singh made it clear that if individuals attempt to carry out nefarious activities, India possesses the capability to eliminate threats on its side of the border and, if necessary, take action on the other side as well.

Rajnath Singh expressed his gratitude towards the families in Bhind district, where one person from every five families serves in the Indian armed forces. He commended their dedication to the nation. Additionally, the Defense Minister praised the developmental efforts led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, emphasizing that Madhya Pradesh has evolved from a "sick state" to a model of development. He described the state as "the cleanest state in the country."

Notably, In addition to his speech in Khaneta village, Rajnath Singh addressed two more rallies in Bhind. The campaign rallies come ahead of the upcoming elections for the 230 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh, scheduled to take place on November 17.

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