Tragic: 4-Story Building Collapses in Uttar Pradesh, Claiming Two Lives

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Rescue Operation continues to free those still trapped under the debris

Building Collapses in Uttar Pradesh

BARABANKI: A Devastating Incident unfolded in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday morning, resulting in the tragic loss of two lives and injuries to 14 individuals. The catastrophe occurred when a four-story concrete house owned by Hashim collapsed, sending shockwaves through the village.

The incident transpired within the jurisdiction of the Fatehpur police station, where the four-story structure suddenly crumbled to the ground. Regrettably, nearby residents were caught in the debris of the house, leading to the loss of two lives. This tragic outcome was confirmed by the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of the district hospital.

Present at the scene, Superintendent of Police (SP) Dinesh Singh reported that a total of 16 people were initially buried under the rubble. Fortunately, 12 individuals have been successfully rescued, but the perilous situation continues for the remaining four, who remain trapped beneath the wreckage.

Notably, The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) team swiftly mobilized to the site. Additionally, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has been summoned to further bolster the rescue efforts. The painstaking rescue operation is currently in progress as authorities work tirelessly to free those still trapped.

SP Dinesh Singh provided a timeline of events, stating that the house collapse, owned by Hashim, was reported around 3 o'clock in the morning. At the time of reporting, 16 individuals were buried under the debris, with 12 successfully extricated. The rescue operation remains ongoing with the SDRF and NDRF teams on-site.

The tragic incident claimed the lives of Roshni Bano (22 years old) and Hakimuddin (28 years old). Among the injured are Mahek, Shakeela, Salman, Sultan, Zainab, Kulsoom, Zafrul, and Sameer. The entire village remains in a state of shock and grief.