Haryana Man Gifts 'A Piece of Moon' to Wife on 25th Wedding Anniversary

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I wanted to gift something different to my Wife: Krishan Kumar Ruhil

Krishan Kumar Ruhil & Wife Sunita

SIRSA: Haryana Man Krishan Kumar Ruhil, has presented a unique gift to his lady love wife Sarita. Krishan, a resident of Kagdana, gifted a 'piece of the moon' to his wife on the silver jubilee i.e. 25th wedding anniversary. 

Husband Krishan Kumar said, "April 3 was our wedding anniversary. Everyone gifts things like a car or jewelry to their wife. I wanted to give something different. I Thought about it a lot and then came up with the idea of buying land on the moon." As an anniversary gift, he handed over the plot certificate on the moon to his wife.

Krishan Kumar said that as soon as the idea of buying a plot on the moon came up, he started looking into it. He wanted the land bought on the moon for his wife to be completely legal. For this, he came to know the firm Luna Society International of New York City, USA. He contacted the company and then bought land on the moon. The firm also grants citizenship to those who legally buy land on the moon. If the buyer wants, he can sell this land later. 

Wife Sarita said, "I did not expect such a special gift on the occasion of the wedding anniversary. My husband gave the documents of the land bought on the moon, it was a great surprise for me. I am very happy with this surprise."

How to buy a Land on moon?

There are a few companies that are currently facilitating the process of registering land on moon. These companies offer a range of services, from purchasing land to setting up colonies, and everything in between. It is now completely possible to buy land on the moon. This is because many websites offer various deals available for purchase.