Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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'I am positive about India's progress in the areas of health, development and climate change', Says Bill Gates

PM Modi and Bill Gates holds talks

NEW-DELHI: Microsoft Co-founder and American businessman Bill Gates met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (March 3). They discussed various issues including health, climate change and G-20 presidency. Bill Gates wrote about this meeting in his official blog 'Gatesnotes' and praised India.

He wrote, "India is showing the world what is possible when investment is made in innovation. I am more positive than ever about India's progress in the areas of health, development and climate change. I hope India continues this growth and continues to share its innovations with the world." Bill Gates said that India's amazing ability to make an effective, safe and affordable corona vaccine is commendable. These vaccines have saved millions of lives and prevented more diseases from spreading around the world. It is gratifying that the Gates Foundation was also able to support India in making some vaccines.

He wrote, 'India not only made life-saving vaccines, but also did a good job in delivering them. India's public health system has delivered 220 million doses of the Corona vaccine through an open source platform called Co-Win. Through this platform, crores of people have made appointments for vaccination and after getting vaccinated, they also got a digital certificate. PM Modi believes that CO-WIN is an example for the world and I agree with him.'

Gates wrote that India embraced digital payments during the pandemic. 30 crore people got emergency digital payment. These include 20 crore women. This became possible only because India prioritized financial inclusion and invested in innovative platforms like the digital ID system (Aadhaar) and digital banking. It proves that financial inclusion is the best investment.

Bill Gates further wrote that the Gati Shakti program is a perfect example of how governments can work better with the help of digital technology. The program digitally connects 16 ministries, including rail and road, so that these ministries can carry out their plans for infrastructure projects as well as speed up the work of Indian scientists and engineers. Gates added that India's G-20 presidency is a great opportunity to highlight how innovations made in the country can help the world. Helping them in all of India's endeavours, especially taking India's digital ID and payment system to other countries, is one of the priorities of the Gates Foundation.