Minor Earthquake Strikes Kishtwar in Jammu-Kashmir, No Casualties Reported

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Late-night Tremor Records 3.9 Magnitude, National Seismological Center Confirms

Jammu-Kashmir Earthquake Latest News

Jammu-Kashmir Earthquake Latest News: A mild earthquake, registering a magnitude of 3.9, shook Kishtwar district in Jammu and Kashmir late on Wednesday night. Authorities swiftly reported that there were no immediate signs of casualties or damage to property resulting from the seismic activity.

Officials confirmed the seismic event, noting that the National Seismological Center recorded the earthquake at 12:38 am. The epicenter was located at a depth of five kilometers from the ground near Kishtwar. Although the quake was of a moderate magnitude, its shallow depth can sometimes amplify its impact on the surface.

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Assurances have been provided that, as of the latest updates, there is no information about any loss of life or property resulting from the earthquake. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to respond to any developments.

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