Internet Buzz: Twitter User Takes Trigonometry's Help to Guess Woman's Height

Rozana Spokesman

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Pallavi Pandey was very surprised by the Man's extreme efforts

Twitter User uses Trigonometry to Guess Height of Woman

CHANDIGARH: Most of the students have always hated Mathematics and its formulas. Especially, if we talk about Trigonometry, it was the major subject of confusion and complexity for the students. Using the complex formulas, a Twitter user used trigonometry for guessing a woman's height. 

A Twitter user named Pallavi Pandey uploaded a photo of herself on the micro-blogging site. She captioned the post and wrote, "Guess my height." As soon as she posted the picture, this took internet to buzz. Pallavi started getting several responses from people. One of the response from a Twitter user named 'Mr Nobody' was very interesting. He had used trigonometry to guess the woman's height. He shared a photo with all the calculations and wrote, "Looks like 5' 4.5". But now I am curious." 

Taking this in view, Pallavi Pandey was very surprised by the extreme efforts. She replied to his tweet and wrote, "Hats off to you, man for efforts, but I'm way taller, but wow!!! Dude put an end to 'another day of not using trigonometry after class 10 in real life." Other Twitter users also praised the extreme efforts of the man. They flooded the comment section with the words of praise for Mr Nobody.