Meta Announces Fee-Based Facebook & Instagram in Europe, Potential Expansion to India

Rozana Spokesman

News, Nation

Subscribers to the paid service will enjoy an Ad-free Experience on both Facebook & Instagram


In a significant development for users of Facebook and Instagram, Meta has taken a bold step by transitioning its two major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, into fee-based services. This means that users will soon need to pay to access these popular platforms.

According to reports, Meta's decision to introduce fees applies initially to European users. This decision is believed to have arisen in response to ongoing pressure from the European Union, particularly concerning issues related to advertising and privacy. While the move is set for Europe, there is speculation about the potential launch of paid versions of Facebook and Instagram in India, although no official confirmation has been provided.

Notably, For European users, Meta is reportedly planning to offer two distinct services for Facebook and Instagram. One will be a paid service, while the other will remain free of charge. Subscribers to the paid service will enjoy an ad-free experience on both Facebook and Instagram, whereas the free version will continue to include advertisements. It's important to note that Meta has not yet released an official statement regarding this decision.

The precise pricing structure for the paid version remains undisclosed at this time. Additionally, it remains unclear whether a single paid subscription will grant access to both Instagram and Facebook or if separate plans will be required for each platform.

Meta has faced scrutiny and investigation by the European Union since 2019, with allegations primarily focused on the company's data collection practices without users' explicit consent. This decision to introduce fee-based services may be seen as an attempt to address some of the concerns raised by European regulators.