Muslim Woman Brutally Assaulted by Mob in Jaipur, 7 Arrested by Police

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Outrage & Demands for Justice Mount as Video of Woman's Brutal Assault Surfaces

Incident in Jaipur

JAIPUR: In a shocking incident, a video has emerged showing a woman being brutally beaten by a mob in Jaipur. The incident took place on July 20, in the Kalyan Nagar area, where the accused forcefully entered the woman's house, dragging her out by her hair and clothes, before subjecting her to a severe beating in the middle of the market.

The distressing footage captured the accused assaulting the 40-year-old woman mercilessly, even after the arrival of the police from Malpura Gate police station. Constable Dholi Bai, stationed at the police station, displayed remarkable bravery by entering the midst of the violent crowd to rescue the victim. With considerable effort, Constable Dholi Bai managed to extricate the woman from the clutches of her attackers and ensured she was safely taken to the police station for medical examination.

Narrating the harrowing incident, Constable Dholi Bai said that they received information about a woman barricading herself inside her home while a furious mob of approximately 100 to 150 people tried to harm her. Alongside SI Anil from Thana Sadar, Constable Dholi Bai rushed to the scene to find a crowd attempting to break into the woman's house on the second floor. The situation escalated when the mob managed to break open the gate, subjecting the woman to a brutal assault.

While trying to protect the woman, the brave constable was also attacked by the aggressive mob, but she persisted in safeguarding the victim's dignity until reinforcements arrived. The victim was trapped amid the chaos for almost an hour, with people continuously assaulting her. Despite being assaulted herself, Constable Dholi Bai stood her ground and finally managed to rescue the woman from the crowd's clutches.

Subsequently, the police identified the culprits responsible for the heinous attack as Nazir, Ejaz, Mustaq, Kalamuddin, Iqrar, and Irfan, among others. An FIR was lodged, and following investigations, the police arrested seven suspects on Sunday.

According to police sources, the woman's mental health appeared unstable, as she had allegedly written anti-religious content inside her home, which enraged the local residents, leading to the violent incident. The victim's husband, Shahadat Ali, has filed a case of assault in this regard.