Hit-and-Run New Law: Why Nationwide Truckers are Protesting? 

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Nationwide Truckers' Strike Enters Fourth Day: Truck Drivers Unite Against New Hit and Run Bill

Hit-and-Run New Law Latest News

Hit-and-Run New Law Latest News: As the nationwide truckers' strike enters its fourth day, truck drivers across the country are vehemently protesting against the recently passed Hit and Run Bill, which introduces stringent amendments to the existing law. The central government faces a united front of opposition from truck drivers, causing disruptions in transportation services in various states, including Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar.

What is New Hit and Run Bill?

The strike, initiated by truck, trailer, bus, public transport, and taxi drivers, is a response to the contentious provisions of the new Hit and Run Bill passed by the Central Government. The amended law now imposes a hefty Rs 7 lakh penalty and a 10-year jail sentence on drivers who cause an accident, flee the scene, and result in a fatality. The protesting drivers argue that these provisions are impractical and could lead to dire consequences.

Challenges Faced by Protesters

Protesters emphasize the challenges they face, stating that if they run away after an accident, they risk imprisonment and a substantial fine. However, if they stay at the accident site, the angry crowd may attack them. This dilemma has left the drivers questioning the feasibility and fairness of the new amendments.

Government's Justification and Opposition

Statistics revealing an alarming rate of 50,000 deaths in hit-and-run cases annually have prompted the government to enact stricter laws to deter such incidents. The previous laws under IPC sections 279, 304 A, and 338 carried a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment for causing death by negligence. The government's decision to impose a Rs 7 lakh fine and a 10-year jail term has triggered widespread protests.

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Impact on Common People

With approximately 95 lakh trucks running daily across the country, the strike is causing disruptions in the transportation of essential goods. Milk, fruits, petrol-diesel and vegetables face delays in arrival, potentially leading to inflation and shortage. The common people are directly impacted by the standstill in transportation services, prompting concerns about the escalating repercussions of the ongoing protest.

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