Hidden Gem of Chandigarh: Did you know about this place of your city?

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An urban park of 9.1 acres is built in Sector 17

Hidden Gem of Chandigarh

Skating Park in Sector 17 Chandigarh: While the urban centres are increasingly getting congested, a little bit of open space with fresh air for a stroll is considered as place of fresh air to the citizens. 

Chandigarh, however, is one of those very few cities in the country that is considered as a well planned city where is enough space for pedestrians, and overall citizens.

We are talking about the Sector 17 plaza which was designed by Le Corbusier as a place exclusively for pedestrians, where there is no traffic to dodge and no angry drivers to startle you with honking.

An urban park of 9.1 acres is built in Sector 17, Chandigarh. Here, the city residents get a chance to participate in many sports activities at one place. Apart from the football stadium, volleyball court, skating park, cycling track and badminton hall have been built there.

However, the main highlight of this urban park is the skating park because not every city has it. Chandigarh, being a small city, has never failed its residents to provide all the facilities, whether they are essential ones or the ones to uplift the living quality of the Chandigarhians.

This urban park is especially designed for the sporty youth and every evening a lot of residents are seen near this area with their friends, jamming, playing and making the most out of the park’s infrastructure.

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