AAP's Kuldeep Kumar takes charge as Chandigarh mayor

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Mayor will ensure that the elections for both Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor are conducted on March 4.

AAP's Kuldeep Kumar take charge as Chandigarh mayor

Chandigarh Mayor Kuldeep Kumar on Wednesday assumed charge at the Municipal Corporation. A red carpet was laid in the Municipal Corporation to welcome him.

Notably, the Punjab Haryana High Court had ordered on Tuesday that Kuldeep will assume his post at 10 am on February 28 while the nominations for the post of Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be filed on February 28 and 29. After this, the Mayor will ensure that the elections for both posts are conducted on March 4.

After about 3 hours of debate on the post of Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor on Tuesday, the High Court resolved the dispute with the consent of all the parties. While presenting the new election schedule in the High Court, the DC said that the election process for both posts will be started afresh.

While filing a petition in the High Court, Gurpreet Singh, a contender for the post of Senior Deputy Mayor, and Nirmala Devi, demanding filing of nomination for the post of Deputy Mayor, had appealed for fresh elections. It was told in the petition that the DC had issued a notification ordering elections for both posts on February 27.

As per the order, direct voting was fixed and it was said that the nomination process for these two posts had been completed in January itself.

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Chandigarh Administration and Municipal Corporation opposed this petition and appealed for instructions to conduct direct elections. Even till noon, when the Mayor did not arrive to conduct the elections, the administration said that elections were no longer possible on Tuesday and the DC's notification was also no longer justified. On this, the High Court asked why not fresh elections are being conducted to maintain the sanctity of the elections.

The administration agreed to this and at 2 pm the DC appeared in the High Court with the notification of fresh elections. After this notification, Congress and AAP alliance candidates gave their no objection to it. In such a situation, the High Court disposed of the petition.

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