Winter Treat: Indulge in the Rich Taste & Warmth of Besan Halwa 

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Savor the Season: Treat Your Taste Buds to the Irresistible Goodness of Homemade Besan Halwa

Besan Halwa Recipe

Besan Halwa Recipe: As Winter embraces us with its chilly charm, what better way to revel in the season than with a steaming bowl of Besan Halwa? This simple and soul-warming recipe promises to be a delightful addition to your winter culinary repertoire.


1 cup Besan (Gram Flour)
1 cup Ghee or Oil
1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios for Garnish

Preparation Method:

- Begin by heating ghee or oil in a frying pan over low heat. Add besan to the heated ghee/oil and gently fry it until it attains a golden-brown hue. Be cautious not to overcook or burn the besan. Once the besan turns aromatic and achieves a golden-brown color, add water to the frying pan, stirring constantly.

- Allow the besan to absorb the water, then add sugar to the mixture, continuing to stir. Stir the mixture until the halwa starts to release oil, indicating its readiness. Turn off the heat, and incorporate finely chopped cashews, almonds, and pistachios into the halwa, adding a delightful crunch.

- Your sumptuous Besan Halwa is now ready to be relished!

Serving Warmth:

Whether served as a comforting dessert or shared with loved ones on a chilly evening, this Besan Halwa is a celebration of winter flavors. Indulge your taste buds and those of your children with this heartwarming treat that captures the essence of the season. Enjoy the cozy goodness of homemade Besan Halwa, bringing warmth and joy to your winter days.

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