Three cups of coffee a day offers ‘greatest benefit’ to health

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Early risers will be happy to hear that drinking more coffee isn’t necessarily a bad thing, following research which has found that three to four cups a day offers “the greatest benefit” to caffeine lovers.

Despite years of fears that coffee is detrimental to health, researchers at the British Medical Journal (BMJ) have found that coffee is “more likely to benefit health than to harm it”.

Regular consumption of americanos, lattes or frothy cappucinos is associated with a lower risk of death and heart disease compared to not drinking the black stuff at all.

Roasting coffee beans and drinking the ground results dates back to the 15th century, a practice that has become increasingly popular in modern Ireland but that often raises concerns for potential health implications.

It is not all good news however - for some people caffeine is linked to headaches and an increased urge to visit the bathroom. It can increase blood pressure and patients with abnormal heart rhythms are advised to stick to decaf.