Is your meat cancer free?

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If you are a meat lover, then there is bad news for you. If you buy meat from the market, then you must give it a thought as a recent study suggests that processed meat may increase the risk of cancer.

Cancer research done in the UK has resulted in a correlation between processed and red meat and cancer. And while not all red meat may be harmful, some of it certainly is. One cannot guess the health condition of the animal that was slaughtered to give you your meat.

Even if you buy the product from the supermarket then also it’s not going to help as it gives no certainty that cancer may or may not have been removed by the butchers.

World Health Organization has even classified ham, salami, bacon, and Frankfurt to contain group 1 carcinogen which essentially means that these foods contain cancer-causing materials.

So it doesn't mean that one should stop eating red meat and just break up with it. It is, however, advisable that if you consume a lot of it, then you must cut down the intake as the famous saying goes that excess of everything is bad.