Gorge on your favourite college food at new festival

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New Delhi: Want to go back in time to relish the mouth watering raajma chawal, chole bhature or vada pao, that you once gorged on at your college canteen?   

Then head to Café Knosh at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel here to relive your college days at their ongoing "Back to University" food fest.   

Take a sip of the cutting chai and indulge in a crispy samosa so tempting that you can't help but reconsider going back to university. The festival that began last month comprises of a varied spread from renowned colleges of Delhi University including Kanala Nehru, Hansraj, Kirorimal, and Shri Ram College among others.   

The chef at Cafe Knosh has recreated the popular dishes from the canteens of these colleges like vada pav, chole bhature, honey chilly potato, bread pakoda, cream rolls, rajma chawal, chowmein, besides, of course, the beloved maggie in several flavour variants.   

"For our 'Back to University' festival at Cafe Knosh, we went all the way to discover the college life of Delhiites. Therefore, just like a college goer we used the metro to reach the North campus, followed by travelling in a rickshaw," Rahul Gautam, associate director of Food and Beverage at the hotel, said.   

The framework of the festival is highly inspired from the bylanes of North campus. They gather images and information pertaining to four areas namely sports, culture, academics and canteens. 

Beginning with Kirorimal college, where they gorged on the "scrumptious" canteen food which was scrumptious, they moved on to Shri Ram College, where the library and the sports arena stood out. They also visited the local shops in the vicinity of Khalsa and Hansraj College.   

One can find small stalls serving chai in glass tumblers, and food in steel plates.   The staff too is dressed to suit the theme donning kurtas.   The festival is set to continue till August 18. PTI