Lemon: A Natural Remedy and Health Booster, Read Must Know Benefits 

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Harnessing the Medicinal Power of Lemon for Digestion, Immunity, &  Weight Management


CHANDIGARH: Lemon, a zesty citrus fruit loved for its tangy flavor, offers more than just taste, it holds the key to numerous health benefits. Packed with essential Vitamin C, lemon doubles as a natural medicine, especially gaining significance during the rainy season. The lemon tree generously yields fruits twice a year, typically in July-August and February-March. 

Here are some benefits of Lemon....

-- For centuries, India has embraced the tradition of using lemon to combat indigestion. A simple concoction of lemon juice and honey can effectively alleviate indigestion and heartburn. In cases of excessive saliva production, a similar mixture can be employed to great effect. 

-- To counter stomach acidity, adding a pinch of sodium carbonate to a teaspoon of honey and lemon can help neutralize the acid.

-- One of the remarkable attributes of lemon is its high vitamin C content, bolstering the immune system and alleviating fever and weakness. Combining lemon juice with warm water and honey proves effective in managing fever and dry cough. 

-- Lemon juice has demonstrated its weight management prowess. Consuming lemon juice and a dash of honey in a glass of water on an empty stomach for a month has shown promising results in reducing body weight.

Overall, lemon stands as a versatile fruit, offering a natural remedy for a range of health concerns, boosting immunity, and aiding in weight management, making it a valuable addition to daily dietary habits.