Arvind Kejriwal skips 6th ED summons, AAP claims ED's summons is “illegal”

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal on Monday skipped the ED's sixth summons

Arvind Kejriwal Latest News Delhi CM skips 6th ED Summons

Arvind Kejriwal Latest News: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal on Monday skipped the ED's sixth summons issued to him in the excise policy case. AAP stated that the matter was now in court and asked the probe agency not to send repeated summons.

On Monday, Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal didn't go to the Enforcement Directorate when they asked him to appear before them for the sixth time. This was about questions related to the Delhi excise policy. The AAP party said that the ED's requests were not right and that they're dealing with it in court. They think the ED should wait for the court to decide instead of calling Arvind Kejriwal over and over again.

On February 14, the authorities Delhi CM to appear before them for questioning on February 19, but he didn't go. He's been ignoring their requests, saying they're unfair and politically motivated. This has happened five times before — on February 2, January 18, January 3, December 22, 2023, and November 2, 2023.

On February 17, a court in Delhi said Arvind Kejriwal could come in person on March 16 to explain why he missed the previous requests. He said he couldn't come earlier because there were important discussions in the Delhi Assembly. He promised to come after March 1.

In the meanwhile, Delhi chief minister said he will physically appear before the court on the next date of hearing on March 16.

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