PM Modi-led Govt to meet farmers ahead of 'Delhi Chalo' call

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Modi Govt. meeting with farmer protest

 Prime Minister Narinder Modi-led central government: Is going to have an important meeting with the leaders of the farmer protest on February 12. This is a significant step as both sides try to find a solution to the issues raised by the farmers, like the withdrawal of certain agricultural laws.

The meeting is a chance for everyone to talk, share their views, and hopefully, come to an agreement. Farmers have been protesting for a while, asking for changes in the laws that affect them. This meeting is an opportunity for the government and the farmers to discuss and maybe find a solution that works for everyone.

People all over the country are paying attention to this meeting, hoping that it leads to positive results. The goal is to have a productive conversation that helps ease tensions and find a way forward for agricultural reforms that everyone can agree on. 

This meeting is a crucial moment in the ongoing talks, giving a chance for open communication and the possibility of finding common ground.

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