Love Marriage Takes a Heartbreaking Turn

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Jagraon Man's Demise 22 Days After Love Marriage

Jagraon Man's Passing Sparks Family Dispute

Love Marriage Takes a Heartbreaking Turn: Jagraon Man's Passing Sparks Family Dispute. A man who got married because he was in love died 22 days ago in Jagraon. There was some trouble between his wife In-law house and her family.Early in the morning, Kajal's father Narendra and her family rushed to the hospital. They blamed Kajal's in-laws for her death, accusing them of causing harm. On the other hand, the husband's family, represented by Mainpal, who was present, denied the accusations. 

Kajal, whose dad works with explosives, fell in love with Manpal, who also works with explosives in Ghalib Kalan village. Kajal's family didn't like it, so she left home and married Manpal on January 18, with both families agreeing. Last night, her in-laws took her to Jagraon Civil Hospital as her health worsened, and the doctors declared she had passed away earlier. Her body is now in the hospital mortuary.

On Friday morning, Kajal's dad, Narendra, and her family went to the hospital. They blamed Kajal's in-laws, accusing them of causing her death. Meanwhile, Mainpal's family, present there, denied the accusations. 

They explained that Kajal had been having stomach pain for a few days. When village medicine didn't help, they took her to the civil hospital last night. The doctors there declared Kajal dead. Both families were confused and upset at the hospital about Kajal's death.

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