How to earn money from Snapchat App?

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Social media platform designed for sending Snaps

Snapchat Down in India

Snapchat is a very popular social media app which is being used by people of almost all the ages. In this era of earning money from the internet, almost every social media app is giving you an opportunity to earn money. 

Snapchat is an app of the social media platform which is designed for sending Snaps, through this you can also take good quality photos of yourself. Many filters are also available in it for taking photos. Through this, you can also make new friends and talk to them through chat, through audio call, and also through video call.

Let’s see how to earn money from Snapchat App:

If you have less followers on your Snapchat account then first of all increase your followers and if you already have a good number of followers on your account then you can earn money by working as mentioned below

1. Earn money by applying sponsored filters:
You can earn money by using Snapchat's sponsored filter. It greatly influences your followers and also plays a big role in promoting your business.

2. Earn money by doing brand partnership
You can create something for your brand on Snapchat. For this you should have more followers and some creative skills.

3. Through Affiliate Marketing
If you have millions of followers on Snapchat then you can also use Snapchat for affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money by promoting any product.

After this, if any person buys that product from the link given by you or buys something through that link, you will get some percentage of that product in your account.

4. By promoting YouTube channel
If you have a lot of followers on Snapchat, then you can also promote your or someone else's YouTube channel on Snapchat. If you promote someone else's YouTube channel on Snapchat, you can charge them something in return.

5. Earn money by selling premium content
You can also earn money by showing premium content on Snapchat. For this you will have to provide a premium membership for your followers. People will have to buy it to watch it, with this you will keep earning money regularly.

6. Earn money from Snap Map
Snapchat's Snap map is another way by which you can earn a good amount of money. In this you can connect to a location by uploading your photo or video. With this you can start influencer marketing.

7. By selling the course
If you have your own course like Editing Course, Graphics Designing, or Web Development Course etc. then you can earn money by selling it to your followers and promoting it.

10. By promoting Refer & Earn Apps
Nowadays you will find many Refer & Earn Apps on the internet like- Groww, Zerodha, Google Pay, Upstox Pro App, through which you can earn at least Rs 250 to Rs 500 daily by referring these apps to your followers.