Chandigarh witnesses wettest February since 2015, receives 47.8 mm rainfall

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Chandigarh Weather, Rainfall News Update

Chandigarh Weather, Rainfall in February News Update

Chandigarh Weather, Rainfall News Update: In the initial five days of this year, February has already proven to be the wettest since 2015, surpassing the previous record set in that year with 49.6mm of rainfall. The weather data indicates a notable increase in precipitation, making it a wetter start to the month compared to the past few years.

Back in 2015, Chandigarh experienced heavy rainfall, recording 49.6mm during the same period. However, the current year has surpassed this mark, signifying unusual weather patterns.

Looking ahead, the forecast suggests a shift in weather conditions, with expectations of predominantly clear skies. This transition may bring relief from the continuous rainfall witnessed in the early days of February. 

As the region braces for a clearer sky, it marks a noteworthy shift in weather patterns, and residents can anticipate a change in the atmospheric conditions after the wet start to the month. Monitoring these weather fluctuations becomes crucial for residents and authorities alike in adapting to the evolving climatic patterns.

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