Who is Nanda, aka 'Fernanda 4 Ever'? Know All About Brazil Rider Gangraped in India 

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Nanda, aka Fernanda 4 Ever, was gangraped in Jharkhand.

Who is Nanda Fernanda 4 Ever Brazil Rider Gangrape in India 

Brazil Rider Gangrape in India News: In a shocking incident, a Brazilian motorcycle rider named Nanda, also known as Fernanda 4 Ever, was gang-raped by seven men in India's Jharkhand while she was on a bike ride with her husband. (Who is Nanda Fernanda 4 Ever, Brazil Rider Gang-raped in India?) 

The news of Nanda, aka Fernanda 4 Ever, the Brazil Rider getting gang-raped in India has led to criticism on social media where people are criticising those who committed such a heinous, especially a tourist who was in India to explore the country. 

Who is Nanda Fernanda 4 Ever, the Brazil Rider Gangraped in India?

Nanda is a passionate 28-year-old Brazilian motorcyclist. She experienced a shocking act of violence in Makarkanda, Jharkhand. She is married to her Spanish husband Vicente. This Brazilian adventurer, exploring the world on a motorcycle, shared moments of joy, the excitement of the ride, and authentic experiences.

A picturesque travel day in India took a harrowing turn for a touring influencer couple who were brutally attacked by a gang of assailants, allegedly subjecting the woman to rape, local police reported Saturday.

Nanda and Vicente are known for documenting their global motorcycle travels to over 140,000 Instagram followers. Reportedly, they were passing through Dumka district in India en route to Nepal when the incident took place. They had stopped to camp overnight in Dumka when the unfortunate incident took place, according to multiple sources.

Videos shared on Instagram depicted the couple with swollen, bruised faces, visibly distressed as they recounted the ordeal in Spanish. "We've experienced something unimaginable," she said in the video, "seven men raped me, beat us, and robbed us." She noted that the attackers were primarily interested in assaulting her."

In another post, Vicente displayed his injuries, including a busted lip and stitches around his mouth. "My injuries are severe, but Fernanda's condition is worse," he remarked, detailing how the attackers had repeatedly struck him with a helmet and a rock.

The incident brought attention to India's alarming rate of sexual violence, with nearly 90 reported rapes per day in 2022, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. However, many cases remain unreported due to victim-blaming and distrust in law enforcement.

As of Saturday, Fernanda and Vicente remained hospitalized under police supervision. The investigation into the gang rape incident continues.

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