Chile Fire News: 8 children among 14 people died in fire

Rozana Spokesman  | Rajan Nath

Chile Fire Latest News

Chile Fire Latest News

Chile Fire Latest News: In a shocking incident, as many as eight children among 14 people died in the fire that broke out in immigrant neighborhood in Chile. Investigations have been initiated to determine the source of the fire. Preliminary details suggest that the incident may have resulted from a makeshift stove in a residence with limited access, prompting the need for comprehensive reports.

In Santiago, a fire in an improvised immigrant settlement in Coronel, southern Chile, claimed the lives of 14 individuals, primarily children, on Monday night, as confirmed by local authorities. Hugo Cuevas, the chief prosecutor of Coronel, mentioned that the victims seem to be undocumented Venezuelan immigrants. 

Reports have been commissioned to establish the origin of the fire, which, according to preliminary information, was caused by a handmade stove in a house that only had one access point.

At an event, discussing Chile's new proposed constitution in Santiago on Monday, President Gabriel Boric expressed sadness about the fire, urging reflection on how society treats those who lost their lives. 

The government, led by Interior Minister Carolina Toha, organized an official delegation to go to Coronel, investigating the incident and coordinating essential assistance, as mentioned on X.