Vyooham OTT Release Update: When and where to watch thriller drama online?

Rozana Spokesman

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Vyooham is a Telugu language thriller film

Vyooham movie OTT Platform Release update Date News

Vyooham Movie OTT Platform Release Date Update: "Vyooham" is out in cinemas today, March 2, 2024. It is a Telugu language thriller film with actors like Ajmal Ameer, Manasa Radhakrishnan, Vasu Inturi and Surabhi Prabhavathi, while it is directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

"VYOOHAM" is a compelling film that delves into the intricate web of events triggered by the sudden demise of YSR. The movie intricately explores the aftermath of his death, unraveling the plots and schemes concocted by various stakeholders. 

With a gripping narrative, "VYOOHAM" offers audiences a glimpse into the political intrigue and power struggles that ensued following this tragic event. Through its compelling storytelling and nuanced portrayal of characters, the film promises to captivate viewers and shed light on the complex dynamics of politics and power.

"VYOOHAM" movie actor Ajmal Ameer is  also acted in the Telugu film Prabhanjanam (2014) in which he played the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. In 2015, He hasn't done any major roles in Malayalam and was seen in guest roles in Loham and Two Countries. 

In 2015, he acted in the Malayalam movie Ben. Since then he had not been active in Malayalam, until 2022 when he played a police officer in the movie Pathaam valavu. 

He then appeared in the Tamil movie, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal (2018). In 2019, his Tamil films are also Chithiram Pesuthadi 2 and Devi 2. He is next seen in Nayanthara's film titled Netrikann (2021). 

"Vyooham" movie OTT Platform Release Date Update News: You can watch with the film on Amazon Prime.