Punjabi Singer Nimrat Khaira made it to Billboard for 2nd Time in a Month

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Nimrat Khaira will soon be seen in the film 'Jodi' with Diljit Dosanjh

Nimrat Khaira

MOHALI: Punjabi singer Nimrat Khaira is making headlines these days. The famous singer, who is in the limelight due to her songs, has gained a lot of fame. Nimrat Khaira has become the first Punjabi singer to make it to 'Billboards at New York Times Square' for the second time in a month.

It is worth noting here that Nimrat Khaira will soon be seen in the film 'Jodi' with Diljit Dosanjh. Nimrat Khaira's song 'Shikayatan' was released recently which is being loved all over the world. She was featured by Spotify India on Times Square billboard for this song.

Specifically, Nimrat Khaira is the first female Punjabi artists to be featured on Billboard twice within a month.

Nimrat Khaira herself has given information about this through social media. She has shared a post on her Instagram story. Nimrat Khaira making her place on Billboard is a huge achievement in itself. The fans extended congratulations to Nimrat Khaira on her great achievement. 

Notably, Nimrat Khaira is a Punjabi singer and actor. She participated in Voice of Punjab season 3 in 2012 and was declared the winner of the show. She made her debut in the industry with the duet song ” Rab Karke” in the year 2015. She released her first single ” Ishq Kacheri”  in the year 2016. 

Nimrat Khaira got fame with her second song, which was “SP De Rank Wargi “with the Label “Desi Crew”. She has given many hit single and duet songs which were loved by the fans. Some of her popular songs are- 'Jaan', 'Time Chakda', 'Lemme Check', 'Blink' and 'Track Suit'. She made her acting debut in films in the year 2017 with the film 'Lahoriye'. Khaira got several nominations for Best debut Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

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