Sidhu Moose Wala's Father Balkaur Singh Takes Stand Against Gangster-Political Nexus

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Balkaur Singh emerged as a vocal critic of the ominous alliance between gangsters and political entities

Sidhu Moose Wala's Father News

Sidhu Moose Wala's Father News: In the wake of the tragic murder of Rajput Karni Sena National President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi in Rajasthan, Balkaur Singh, the father of late singer Sidhu Moose Wala, has emerged as a vocal critic of the ominous alliance between gangsters and political entities. Singh, in a poignant social media post, declared that his battle extends beyond seeking justice for his son, Shubhdeep, aiming to dismantle the perilous network linking underworld figures and politicians to safeguard the sanctity of numerous households.

Balkaur Singh's Concerns and Call for Unity

Expressing his apprehensions, Balkaur Singh wrote, "Lagegi aag to ayenge ghar many jad mein, yahan pe sirf hamara makan thori hai" (If the fire spreads, it will reach your homes as well, as here, only our house doesn't exists). He criticized the leniency shown by governments towards notorious criminals, providing them with privileges such as food, assistance, interviews in jails, and convoys with security. Singh underscored that until a resolute crackdown occurs, the shadows of darkness will persistently extinguish the lights in households.

In his social media post, Balkaur Singh also shared a statement from 'Rajput of India', emphasizing the need for collective action against the fearless criminal elements. The statement highlighted the divisive impact of caste distinctions, citing incidents where criminal acts were justified based on political affiliations. It called for unity among communities to prevent leaders from manipulating conflicts between groups for personal gain.

Insights into Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi's Murder Investigation

The ongoing investigation into the murder of Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi has revealed connections to the underworld. Ten months prior, Punjab Police had shared intelligence with Rajasthan Police regarding a plot to assassinate Gogamedi. The intelligence implicated gangster Sampat Nehra, incarcerated in Bathinda jail, in the conspiracy. Another link in the case points to expatriate gangster Rohit Godara, who claimed responsibility for Gogamedi's murder on social media. Police suspect that Nehra, associated with the Lawrence gang syndicate, arranged the weapon and the shooter at the behest of Godara.

The revelation adds another layer to the complexities surrounding the criminal-political nexus, prompting calls for collaborative action to stem the rising tide of criminal influence in the region.

As Balkaur Singh continues his fight for justice, the spotlight intensifies on the urgent need to address the deep-rooted connections between gangsters and political figures, casting a shadow over the safety and security of communities.

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