Watch: Ayushmann Khurrana Sets the Stage Ablaze with Energetic ‘Moye Moye’ Performance, Fans Cheer 

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Bollywood Star Joins Viral Trend, Adds Unique Twist to Bari Barsi Performance

Ayushmann Khurrana ‘Moye Moye’ Video

Ayushmann Khurrana ‘Moye Moye’ Video: In the latest trend taking social media by storm, Ayushmann Khurrana, the versatile Bollywood actor, has hopped on the 'Moye Moye' trend, captivating fans with his dynamic performance. Following the footsteps of other celebrities, including Shraddha Kapoor, Ayushmann's lively rendition has quickly become the talk of the town.

A Video circulating on Ayushmann Khurrana's fan pages showcases the actor's energetic stage presence as he seamlessly transitions from a live performance of Bari Barsi to the viral 'Moye Moye.' Dressed in a stylish grey jacket, black t-shirt, and matching pants, Ayushmann's infectious energy and unique take on the trend left fans cheering in delight.

In the video, the actor, while jokingly addressing the trend, quipped, "Trend banane ke liye nahi, gaana gaane ke liye aaye hain yaha pe. (We have come here to sing, not to jump on trends)." The crowd's audible cheers underscored the audience's enthusiastic response to Ayushmann's performance.

Social Media Buzz

Ayushmann's 'Moye Moye' moment follows the viral trend's popularity on social media, with fans expressing admiration for the actor's charming rendition. Comments flooded the video, praising his talent and stage presence. 

Shraddha Kapoor, a fellow Bollywood artist, had earlier shared her own 'Moye Moye' post, accompanied by adorable photos with her pet Shyloh. The trend, initially sparked by Serbian singer Dora's song 'Dzanum,' has garnered widespread participation across various platforms.


On the professional front, Ayushmann Khurrana recently featured in Dream Girl 2 alongside Ananya Panday, a sequel to the 2019 hit film. Amidst rumors linking him to the lead role in Sourav Ganguly's anticipated biopic, Ayushmann remained tight-lipped, stating, "I'm not saying anything right now. We have to make an official announcement whenever and whatever that happens."

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