Rubina Dilaik Expecting Twins, See Husband Abhinav Shukla's Surprised Reaction

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TV Star Launches 'The Mamakado Show' and Unveils Exciting News About Twin Pregnancy

Rubina Dilaik Pregnancy News

Rubina Dilaik Pregnancy News: Popular television actress Rubina Dilaik, widely known for her strong on-screen presence, is basking in the joy of her pregnancy. Keeping her fans engaged, she consistently shares glimpses of her beautiful baby bump and continues to embrace her pregnancy journey. Not only has she been exploring different destinations during this special period, but she has also embarked on a unique venture to make this journey memorable, a show named 'The Mamakado Show.'

In a heartwarming revelation on the debut episode of her show, Rubina Dilaik delightedly shared the news that she and her husband, Abhinav Shukla, are set to welcome not just one but two bundles of joy. The actress, known for her candidness, also shared the humorous reaction of her husband Abhinav when he first heard the news.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Rubina shared the initial episode of 'The Mamakado Show,' where she unveiled the exciting news. In the video, she joyfully declared, "I want to share some news with you. We are going to be parents of twins." Recounting her husband's initial disbelief, she added, "I still remember Abhinav's reaction. He said, 'No... it can't be.' To this, I replied, 'It is true.'"




In addition to sharing the news of expecting twins, Rubina Dilaik expressed her happiness at witnessing her babies' organs during an ultrasound. She recounted a nerve-wracking incident when the couple faced a car accident on the night they returned home after the first scan.

Notably, The video of Rubina Dilaik's pregnancy revelation is rapidly gaining traction on social media, with fans expressing their heartfelt wishes and joy for the soon-to-be parents of twins. 

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