'Parasite' Actor Lee Sun-kyun Found Dead in Seoul, South Korea: Reports 

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Entertainment Industry Mourns the Loss of a Talented Actor as Lee Sun-kyun's Death Raises Questions

Lee Sun Kyun Death News

Lee Sun Kyun Death News: Lee Sun-kyun, the acclaimed South Korean actor celebrated for his memorable role in the Oscar-winning film 'Parasite', was discovered dead in a parked car on a Seoul street, South Korea on Wednesday. The tragic incident unfolded amidst an intense police investigation into the actor's alleged involvement in drug use.

Seongbuk police, responding to a missing person report, initially found Lee in an unconscious state in the vehicle. Reports later confirmed his death, although official details surrounding the circumstances remain undisclosed. South Korean media outlets reported that Lee's family had earlier notified the police, citing a message resembling a suicide note left by the actor.

48-Year-old, Lee played a pivotal role in 'Parasite', the groundbreaking film that clinched four Oscars, including Best Picture, in 2020. The movie marked the first non-English-language film to secure the prestigious Best Picture award in the Academy Awards' history and was a historic moment for South Korean cinema.

The Actor's career had witnessed continued success, with a Screen Actors Guild award in 2021 for his contribution to 'Parasite' and a nomination for best actor at the International Emmy Awards for his role in the sci-fi thriller 'Dr. Brain' in the preceding year.

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Prior to his international recognition, Lee had already established himself as a prominent figure in South Korea's entertainment landscape. His roles in hit TV dramas such as 'Coffee Prince (2007),' 'Behind The White Tower (2007),' 'Pasta (2010),' and 'My Mister (2018)' had earned him widespread acclaim.

However, Lee's career faced setbacks due to recent police investigations into allegations of illegal drug use at the residence of a bar hostess. The actor claimed he was deceived into taking the drugs and was unaware of their nature, according to Yonhap.

In South Korea, the legal repercussions for drug-related offenses are severe, with potential sentences ranging from six months to 14 years for repeat offenders. The scandal surrounding Lee's alleged involvement in drug use led to the loss of several acting projects and garnered extensive tabloid coverage.

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