Controversy Surrounds Kulhad Pizza Couple as Owner Sehaj Arora Faces Threats

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Allegations of Inappropriate Language Spark Protests by Nihang Singh Organizations

Kulhad Pizza Couple Latest News

Kulhad Pizza Couple Latest News: In a renewed bout of controversy, Sehaj Arora, the proprietor of the popular Kulhad Pizza Restaurant (Fresh Bites) in Jalandhar district, finds himself at the center of a storm after accusations of using inappropriate language in a social media video. The incident has triggered strong reactions, with Nihang Singh organizations staging protests outside the Kulhad Pizza Restaurant.

Amidst allegations of the video containing offensive language directed towards society, several Nihang Singh organizations gathered in protest outside the Kulhad Pizza shop. The commotion drew a substantial crowd, with demonstrators voicing their discontent over the perceived disrespect.

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In response to the escalating situation, Sehaj Arora released a video statement, acknowledging the controversy. Arora explained that the contentious video was a creation in response to a new song, and a reel was made on it. Expressing regret for any offense caused, Arora clarified that the intention was not to hurt sentiments.

The situation took a more ominous turn when Arora revealed in the video that he had received threats from the Nihang Singhs present at the protest. Allegedly, threats were issued, stating an intention to set fire to his restaurant. The controversy has sparked a conversation within the community about the boundaries of expression and the impact of social media content. 

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