Shreyas Talpade Health Update: Actor Suffered Heart Attack During 'Welcome 3' Shoot

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Shreyas Talpade Health Update

Shreyas Talpade Health Update: 47-year-old actor Shreyas Talpade, widely known for his versatile performances and as the voice behind Allu Arjun's character in 'Pushpa,' recently suffered a heart attack while shooting for the upcoming film 'Welcome 3' in Mumbai.

Sources close to the actor reveal that after completing his scheduled shoot, Talpade experienced a sudden spike in blood pressure, leading to his immediate hospitalization. His manager reported that he was swiftly admitted for angioplasty, and medical professionals are closely monitoring his condition.

Despite the alarming incident, reassurance comes as it is confirmed that Shreyas Talpade is currently in stable condition. The actor, who was actively engaged in the filming of 'Welcome 3' alongside Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, had been in good health until the unexpected health setback.

It has been disclosed that the actor was on set just the day before, energetically participating in the shoot. However, after returning home post-work, he began experiencing discomfort. Promptly responding to the situation, his wife reached to the hospital, but unfortunately, Talpade fainted en route. The entire film fraternity and fans are now eagerly awaiting updates on the actor's health, sending wishes for his speedy recovery. 

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