Bollywood Director Farah Khan Pays Obeisance at Golden Temple, See Pics 

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Farah Khan, Accompanied by Filmmaker Mukesh Chhabra, Embarks on a Spiritual Journey to Amritsar

Farah Khan at Golden Temple News: See Pics

Farah Khan at Golden Temple News: Bollywood Renowned Director Farah Khan embarked on a soulful sojourn to Amritsar, where she paid obeisance at the Golden Temple (Sri Darbar Sahib). The celebrated film director, accompanied by filmmaker Mukesh Chhabra, experienced a serene and spiritually uplifting visit to the Harmandir Sahib, expressing profound contentment.

Commencing her Amritsar expedition on a delectable note, Farah Khan savored the local culinary delights, indulging in the city's famous chhole bhature and lassi. Sharing a glimpse of her experience on social media, she humorously remarked, "I bet you can't drink this lassi. You have to eat it. How will you function after a hearty meal?"

During her visit to Sri Harmandir Sahib, Farah Khan attentively absorbed every detail provided, expressing her satisfaction with the insightful information shared. She revealed, "I had been planning to come here for a long time but couldn't due to time constraints. Now, with Mukesh Chhabra's assistance, our dream has come true. I have found so much peace here and wish to make this an annual pilgrimage."

Farah Khan, known for her artistic endeavors in the Indian film industry, concluded her visit with heartfelt prayers and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the spiritual essence of Sri Darbar Sahib. As she bids adieu to Amritsar, the director looks forward to future visits, inspired by the tranquility and cultural richness that the holy city has bestowed upon her.

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