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Actor Adah Sharma believed that female-centric action films will be the next big thing in the industry.

Actress Adah Sharma


Mumbai: The Commando and 1920 actor, Adah Sharma said in some of her interviews, "Times have changed today. All kinds of subjects and stories are being adapted into films. And thankfully, action as a genre is being re-explored with newer nuances, much like Hollywood. Action films are now being specially designed for girls too. This is going to be a big transformation.”

Trained in Silambam, a weapon-based Indian martial art, and Mallakhamb, Sharma says she is ready for more action roles coming her way.

“I have been prepping and training since I was a child. My fitness levels have always been good as I am into a lot of training. Also, I am doing a couple of action films, including an international project, where more action workshops will be held as per the scripts.”

Adah Sharma also felt that she is very much comfortable in all kinds of genres and wanted to explore more, “I started with a horror movie which is an unusual way to start for a newcomer. But I was never in two minds because I was auditioning for work and knew I had to begin somewhere. Initially, I had to say no to many roles and also faced rejection. But, I think, that is a part of the game and finally, 1920 came my way, and here I am today. To date, I have dabbled with several subjects like horror, action, emotional drama and I think now it’s time for some romantic comedy, be it in Hindi or Telugu,” the actor added.

Sharma even shared that the pandemic would have been tough if her mother wouldn't have been living with her at that tough time, “Anyone will lose his or her sanity being locked up at home, having no idea when all will be okay. My mother was there with me in that phase. Also, when I was offered a Telugu film Question Mark as soon as the lockdown got over, I said yes, mainly because it was going to provide work to so many daily wage technicians. It was shot in the jungle from start to finish, so the fear of contracting a virus was fairly low.”