Who is Tripti Dimri? Actress who Steal the Spotlight with her Performance in 'Animal'

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Ranbir Kapoor's On-screen Love Interest Sets Screens Ablaze, Earns Overnight Stardom

Who is Tripti Dimri

Who is Tripti Dimri: In the current cinematic landscape dominated by Sandeep Reddy Vanga's film "Animal," the characters are leaving an indelible mark on the audience, with each performance making headlines. Among the notable cast, Tripti Dimri, portraying Ranbir Kapoor's love interest, has emerged as the talk of the town due to a particularly impactful scene in the film.

Who is Tripti Dimri?

Tripti Dimri from Uttarakhand, has been a part of the Bollywood industry for an extended period. She is an Indian actress who made her debut in the comedy "Poster Boys" and later took on her first lead role in the romantic drama "Laila Majnu." Her notable performances in Anvita Dutt's period films "Bulbbul" and "Qala" garnered recognition, with the former earning her a Filmfare OTT Award. While she has been working in the industry for years, "Animal" has undeniably provided Tripti with a significant breakthrough, catapulting her into the spotlight.

A Breakthrough Moment

While Tripti Dimri's name may not have been in the spotlight before the release of "Animal," her character as Ranbir Kapoor's love interest has thrust her into the limelight. The film includes an intimate scene between Tripti and Ranbir Kapoor, sparking discussions and capturing attention. This particular scene has become a focal point, propelling Tripti Dimri into overnight stardom.

'Animal' Plot and Tripti's Role

In the film, Tripti's character, named Zoya, enters the story seeking revenge against Abrar Haq (Bobby Deol) and forms a connection with Ranvijay Singh (Ranbir Kapoor). As the plot unfolds, Zoya finds herself falling in love with Ranvijay Singh, showcasing a mesmerizing on-screen chemistry between Tripti and Ranbir Kapoor.

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