Bigg Boss 17: Controversy Erupts as Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel! Watch Here

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Netizens Divided Over the Shocking Episode - Abhishek Trends on Social Media

Bigg Boss 17 Latest News

Bigg Boss 17 Latest News: In a dramatic turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, contestant Abhishek Kumar lost his composure and physically confronted fellow housemate Samarth Jurel after enduring mockery about his mental health. The incident unfolded during an intense argument instigated by Isha Malviya and Samarth.

Abhishek Kumar, who had been subjected to continuous provocation and ridicule by Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel, reached a breaking point in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17. The promo video revealed that Samarth and Isha were targeting Abhishek, not only mocking his mental health but also insulting his father.

In the video clip, Samarth goes to the extent of calling Abhishek "Baap ka gutter-chaap launda" (a derogatory term referring to someone from a lowly background). The situation escalates when Samarth throws a blanket over Abhishek, and Isha encourages him to cause damage to Bigg Boss' property. Despite Abhishek's attempts to remain composed, he finally loses control during his argument with Isha, slapping Samarth in a fit of frustration.

The shocking incident has sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with the video quickly going viral. Abhishek Kumar started trending on X (formerly Twitter), with netizens expressing varied opinions on the confrontation. While some users supported Abhishek, deeming his actions justified given the circumstances, others had differing perspectives.

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In the preceding episode, fellow contestant Munawar advised Samarth to refrain from mocking and provoking Abhishek. However, Isha and Samarth persisted in their personal attacks, insulting Abhishek's family and ridiculing his mental condition. The tensions in the house escalated further after the surprise eviction of Anurag Dobhal.

Following a chain reaction task for nominations, this week's eviction contenders include Munawar, Arun, Aoora, Ayesha Khan, Abhishek, and Samarth. Bigg Boss 17 continues to air on Colors and is available for streaming on JioCinema, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with the escalating drama inside the house.

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